What We Do

The core compotencies of Rebuilding Through Enterprise combine to offer participants a full scope of support that teaches them enterprise skills, supports business start-up and nurtures business growth.


RTE offers a bespoke programme that follows a five step process: we aim to give individuals the knowledge and understanding to make an informed decision about starting a business in the UK. This begins by getting to know the individuals, their business idea and giving them an indepth understanding of enterprise whether they are an intrapreneur or entrepreneur. 



The following training will give our beneficiaries a thorough understanding of setting up a business in the UK and coaching tailored around their individual business ideas. This is delivered by our expert Business Training and Development team.


A number of those individuals that go through our Training Programme will decide to start-up a business. RTE will support refugees build their individual business plans, apply for funding and provide ongoing support post-launch through our business mentors. Our objective is not just to help businesses launch, but be sustainable in the long term. 


RTE will support those that make the informed decision that employment will be a better option for them. This will be through strong ties to the community support system. 


New enterprise, existing business, welfare support and local communities have come together to support RTE. As a result entreprenurs will be supporting the community and cultural integration of refugees in the UK. New enterprise will also bring growth to local economies through new jobs, products and services on offer. 

Rebuilding Through Enterprise is actively working alongside a number of organisations and individuals from the UK Government, Charities and major corporate supporters.

If you would like more information or to be part of the program please get in touch and a member of the Rebuilding Through Enterprise team will respond in due course.