Rebuilding Through Enterprise aims to assist disadvantaged individuals in the UK to become self-reliant through establishing and growing their own businesses.


RTE’s founder has a long-standing reputation of working with and building communities. The RTE team combines experience in both business and enterprise, and working with refugees from across the globe.

The model that RTE is based upon has been successfully supporting members of communities in the UK since 2012. The model itself has been praised for it's forward thinking approach that can be replicated and adapted for numerous community groups, “One of the most progressive models, a true Trojan horse for communities, enterprsie and social inclusion” Home Office 2012.

Rebuilding Through Enterprise is actively working alongside a number of organisations and individuals from the UK Government, Charities and major corporate supporters.

If you would like more information or to be part of the program please get in touch and a member of the Rebuilding Through Enterprise team will respond in due course.